WASHINGTON, DC (CBS Connecticut) – Connecticut’s entire congressional delegation has signed a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, urging the Trump administration to continue cost sharing reductions under the Affordable Care Act through next year.

The payments help consumers afford health coverage through insurance policies purchased on insurance marketplaces. If the subsidies end, state health care advocate Ted Doolittle says tens of thousands of Connecticut residents would see their health care costs jump.

“The folks in Connecticut who are benefiting from this cost sharing reductions probably don’t know about them, because the dollars go directly from the federal government to the insurance company,” Doolittle explained. “Forty-eight thousand Connecticut individuals or families have received this type of assistance.”

President Trump has at times threatens to end the subsidies. Senator Richard Blumenthal accused the administration of playing politics, and gambling with the lives of Americans.

“Very unwisely and irrationally, the administration is refusing to commit to these essential subsidies beyond the end of August,” he stated. “The result is to sabotage our health insurance market.”

If the cost sharing reductions end, premiums in Connecticut and other states could increase by an average of twenty percent, according to Doolittle.


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