by Rob Joyce

Putting it politely, football coaches are different from the rest of us. They spend absurdly long hours in dark meeting rooms and traveling to scout and recruit assorted players, all in the pursuit of 12 to 16 games a season, depending on whether it’s in college or the NFL. In many instances, things that could be considered “time wasters” don’t amuse them.

Monday’s solar eclipse was just that. The once-in-a-generation event across the entire continental United States made America come to a halt for a few minutes. While some teams, like the Tennessee Titans, planned their practice around watching the event, other coaches weren’t nearly as excited. While eye rolling to them, their responses bring us a chuckle as they add to the stereotype that football coaches lack a bit of personality.

Nick Saban:

Mister Personality himself, Saban could go down as the greatest college football coach ever, if he’s not already there. He runs a tight ship at Alabama, he’s famous for the nearly robotic way in which he and his program go about things, and the results (four national titles in the last eight years) speak for themselves. That means that, no, he doesn’t care about the eclipse. He already knows what it’s going to look like – he watches TV.

John Harbaugh:

The Baltimore Ravens are trying to get back to the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. That takes 100 percent focus, starting now. So don’t try to come at John Harbaugh with your “80 percent eclipse coverage” garbage!

Will Muschamp:

Muschamp is entering his second season with at South Carolina, which is coming off a disappointing 6-7 campaign. So he’s dumbfounded at the fact that some teams can apparently stop preparing for the season for the sake of the moon shifting in front of the sun.

Kirby Smart:

The University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium was open during the eclipse for students who wanted to see it live. From the sounds of it, Bulldogs’ head coach Kirby Smart wasn’t one of the ones in attendance…

Bret Beilema:

(See video up top) The Arkansas coach took things a step further than just about everyone else, proving once and for all that, yes, football coaches apparently do live under a rock, at least during training camp. He didn’t just roll his eyes at the idea of watching the eclipse – he didn’t know what it was!


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