STAMFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Vigils and rallies to denounce the white supremacists and Nazis who demonstrated in Charlottesville have been held across the country, including here in Connecticut.

At a rally in Stamford organized by the United Jewish Federation on Wednesday, Governor Dannel P. Malloy did not mince words when asked what he thought about President Trump’s contention that the deadly violence at the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville was the fault of both sides.

“I thought the president was out of his mind,” he said of Trump’s comments.

The Governor went on to say the only way to stop the kind of hate that took place last weekend is for people to stand up against it. “These are people who are filled with hate, and anyone who tolerates hate, quite frankly, is responsible for it,” he said, adding in his address to the crowd “These are dangerous days in our country’s history. If we don’t stand up, that which has happened in other nations could happen in our nation.”

Malloy’s criticism of Trump was also highlighted in his address at the rally. “More injuries are done to the United States on a daily basis, when we do not rise up,” he said. “When our leadership refuses to say what this is. This is hate.”


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