Erik warns of the pitfalls of holding your Internet domain name registration with an unscrupulous information technology provider, and tells you how to check to see if you are the listed registrant of your domain, which is especially important for businesses.

A popular consumer affairs magazine stops recommending Microsoft Surface laptops… why? And Disney is planning to start an online streaming service to deliver its content, while an online picture hosting company is alleged to hold customers at ransom after suddenly charging $400 annual fee to link to photos stored on the service.

Plus, learn how to stop a Logitech mouse from unexpectedly waking up a computer from sleep mode, Google Glass– shunned in the consumer market– is a “hit” for some enterprise applications, and find out if it is better to purchase an HP Elite Laptop or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Looking for a “cloud” based backup solution for Windows Server 2011? We let you know the pitfalls of this approach.

A listener seeks a compatible modem for the Optimum cable service in order to avoid monthly rental fees, and Erik offers advice.

An airplane drone maker DJI leaves development code in its software which makes it possible for drones to be hacked, and a technician indavertently switches a client’s email account, deleting all of their messages.

We offer some suggestions to possibly recover deleted Outlook mail in Outlook 365, advice on changing out the battery in a Dell laptop, and explain which will charge a cell phone faster in a car– AC outlet inverter or cigarette lighter outlet.

Will a recovery of a Windows 10 computer upgraded from Windows 8 restore to Windows 10? Plus, learn how to recover from a special kind of computer virus known as a “rootkit.” Can you use a security camera without having to send your video to a “cloud” service as well?


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