HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut)_ Following their latest round of state budget talks Thursday, legislative leaders sounded a bit more upbeat regarding the future.

Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said “It’s not an easy process, but I think we agreed to a couple things today, and we’re going to continue to meet in the coming weeks.” Aresimowicz did not provide many specifics from the Thursday meeting.

Other legislative leaders from both sides of the aisle agree that there needs to be structural change to move the state forward economically.

House Republican leader Themis Klarides believes the continued bipartisan effort is the best path toward a budget agreement. “I think we all are as frustrated as everybody else in the state is, and it’s not the place we want to be. We have very different ideas of a vision for the state of Connecticut, but we wouldn’t all be in the room if we didn’t want to try and find some consensus to move forward.”

House majority leader Matt Ritter added “No one wants to run the state by executive order, I think we all agree on that, and so we are doing our best to solve it.”

Senate Republican leader Len Fasano also agreed that some progress had been made on Thursday. “The process is going on, we are going to come back with more ideas, and sure we go from there… this is the first time I think we’ve had a true substantive conversation on the budget, which I think is a plus.”

Governor Dannel P. Malloy was not part of the talks. Fasano says if lawmakers can reach a bipartisan agreement on a two year budget, a gubernatorial veto is, in his words, meaningless.

The state budget is presently forty two days overdue.


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