(CBS Connecticut) — In newly-released court documents, police describe video they obtained of the hit-and-run death of a grandmother.

Police say driver Deykevious Russaw can be seen in a video of an earlier minor crash involving the stolen SUV and a school bus.

He and five other young men or boys get out of the SUV, and run past the woman’s body to get away, after the crash.

Russaw appeared in Hartford Superior court today.

Police say he admitted to accelerating down Ashley Street because he did not want to get into trouble in connection with the earlier, minor bus crash.

Rosella Shuler’s daughter Jessica Vazquez urged people to come forward with information about the other people in the SUV.

She said her mother would want justice.

Schuler was thrown 47-feet through the air.

She died two weeks after the crash.

Russaw first appeared in court today behind closed doors, in connection with a killing that took place before he turned eighteen.

He later appeared in open court, to face adult charges in connection with a deadly hit-and-run that killed a woman waiting for a bus on the side of Ashley Street in Hartford.

Police say Russaw admitted that he was driving the Toyota Highlander that went off the road and smashed into 56-year-old Rosella Shuler and an iron fence.


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