HARTFORD, Conn (CBS Connecticut) – The Republican leader in the state house is voicing frustration over delayed votes on the state budget. Representative Themis Klarides says majority Democrats have planned budget votes on four separate dates, only to call them off.

Speaking to WTIC’s morning show Klarides said: “They keep giving a new artificial date, just to make themselves feel better, I think, and to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in Connecticut.”

“If you’re going to tell us– one hundred fifty one people– that were coming in on day X to do a budget, everybody clears their schedule,” she continued. “And then we get there, and we twiddle our thumbs, as my mom would say… what’s the point? Four times in the past six weeks.”

Klarides also continues to criticize the state employee concessions deal which gained final legislative approval in the Senate this week, saying it will virtually guarantee tax increases.


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