(CBS Connecticut) — More Connecticut high school juniors are meeting standards on math scores on the Connecticut School Day SAT this year, compared to last year.  Two percent more students met the achievement standard this year.

In 2016, 39.3 percent of students met or exceeded an achievement standard for math.  In 2017, 41.3 percent met or exceeded the standard.  The average score went from 502 to 507, out of 800.

State Education Commissioner Diana Wentzell said more time has been spent in the classroom on math, and more emphasis has been placed on training teachers to instruct students in math.

A .4 percent gain was also reported in English.

Scores remain low for some groups of minority students.  About half as many Latino students made the math goal as the state-wide average.  About one-third as many black students made the math goal as the state average.

Asian students beat the state averages in math and English, and had better scores in both subject areas than white students.

This is the second year the SAT has been used as a state-wide, standardized test for high school students.



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