(Hartford, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Governor Dannel Malloy, in wake of President Trump’s announcement on Twitter today that transgender citizens would now be barred from serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, has signed an executive order reinforcing Connecticut’s nondiscrimination policies.

In his order, Malloy is directing the Connecticut National Guard, the Air National Guard and other armed forces of Connecticut to take no action that discriminates those in enlistment, promotion or other aspects of their service, based in gender identity, or expression.

Malloy says the mandate stands unless “superceded by federal law” or directive by the Pentagon.

The governor also calls for a review of existing personnel policies.

Earlier today, Malloy labled Trump’s call “ignorant and profoundly troubling”.

  1. You are far more ignorant and incompetent than any Politician in any Party in the hisotry of America.

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