(CBS Connecticut) — There was an initial appearance before a judge today, by a Hartford man accused of shooting and badly wounding an off-duty Hartford firefighter in a Rocky Hill industrial park. According to an arrest warrant also released today, the nighttime shooting was a drug deal gone bad.

Firefighter Jimmy Ngo later told police that the man who attacked him was his friend, Jesus Perez.

Ngo said he had recently stopped a practice of giving money to the other man to help him pay off debts.

Ngo said Perez suggested a drug deal to raise money.

The off-duty firefighter picked up the drugs, and gave the defendant a ride to a garage in Rocky Hill, where the illegal sale was supposed to take place.

But a buyer never showed up, according to Ngo.

Ngo said when he started to leave, Perez shot him in the back and the left side of the face.

Doctors later found four gunshot wounds.

However, Perez told investigators that a buyer did show up, and that it was the buyer who started shooting.

Police say Ngo was also beaten with a four-foot long, bent sheet of metal of a kind typically used to hold up shelves.


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