Erik flies solo today taking your computer questions. Britain’s latest aircraft carrier running outdated Windows XP operating system. Government advises against running Kaspersky antivirus on U.S. defense computers. Meanwhile, Kaspersky makes claims in court that Microsoft is disabling their antivirus on Windows computers. Large C02 emissions produced by batteries of electric cars, study says. Fixing browser cache problems in Internet Explorer. Troubleshooting color printing problems in Windows. Erik helps a caller with intermittent problems with his DSL connection. How to fix DNS errors by using OpenDNS service for added security and safety while browsing the Internet. Erik offers advice on how to (legally) download MP3 files. A caller asks for alternatives to large “cloud” e-mail services..

Erik updates us on the his problems getting his TiVo unit repaired. A listener asks how to clear unwanted search history in the Google Chrome web browser. Troubleshooting problems with Internet radio stations dropping out. Companies are stockpiling electronic Bitcoin currency to pay off cybercriminals in “ransomware” attacks. Will his SBC Global e-mail accounts will change as a result of the Verizon merger? Recommendations for buying a new laptop. Erik gives advice on selecting a Wifi hotspot for a laptop computer user. California heavily invested in solar power; now they sometimespay other states to take it. How to move pictures off of an Android smartphone. A listener asks to transfer data from one laptop to a new laptop. Tips to speed up a five year old laptop.


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