How secure and private are your “smart” digital speakers (Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod), plus a comparison of these devices. British Airways suffers massive computer outage. A listener wonders about purchasing a Nikon 7200 and whether he should purchase different lenses with it. John suggests lenses to purchase for a Nikon D60 for the photographer who wants to do it all. How to recycle used cameras properly. Troubleshooting slow computer system performance using Resource Manager, plus checking hard drive performance. Increasing storage space used by Windows System Restore to keep more Restore Points.

A listener asks if it is possible to increase the amount of pixels on a tablet camera. Ikea sets up house in Mars simulation. Are smartphones becoming less user servicable? If you are a Windows XP user, we show you where download the patch to protect against the WannaCry ransomware and its variants. We offer recommendations for purchasing an inexpensive Android tablet. A listener asks if there is a way to display a “Menu Bar” in Google Chrome after switching from the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Photographer John Ryan reviews the DJI Spark drone camera. We offer suggestions for troubleshooting wireless issues with a modem supplied by Frontier Communications. How to defragment an older Macintosh computer. How to switch to a “secure” connection on your wireless network from an insecure “open” connection. Is it possible to purchase an “autozoom” lens for a Nikon D60 camera?


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