(CBS Connecticut) — Before classes started this morning at East Hartford High School, teachers and students rallied on the lawn in front of the building in opposition to recent comments by Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

East Hartford Education Association President Annie Irvine says the education secretary wants to privatize public schools.

“If you walked into any one of our schools you would see great teaching and you would see students learning,” Irvine said. “But all that, what you don’t always see behind that is the need for the resources to keep that great stuff going.”

Speaking to Congressional subcommittee last week, DeVos said she had spoken to a young man named Michael from East Hartford.

She said he had described to her how the local district high school was a dangerous adult day care.

She said he told her he was afraid of bullying in high school, and that the teachers had lost control of the classrooms.


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