Erik and Bob take your computer questions and look at the WannaCry ransomware still affecting computers worldwide. So called “kill switch” removed from WannaCry virus. WannaCry can be removed in very limited situations. We tell you how to stay safe from the WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware by keeping Windows up to date using Windows Update, making regular backups of your information, and not using old operating systems like Windows XP and Vista. Fraudsters exploit lax security at Equifax payroll subsidiary to steal employee W-2 data. U.S. laws allow low wages due to H1-B visas. Famous physicist Stephen Hawking says Earth is overpopulated and we must look toward other planets for habitation. A listener has unwanted adult images on her screen and messages indicating that a computer virus is present–but is it true? We offer advice. Erik talks about the pros and cons of K9 web filtration software. A caller asks about the use of commercial anti-virus products versus the “free” Windows Defender. Should you clean out “temporary” files on your computer? How to determine which files are taking up the most space on your computer using two free apps. Erik gives a simplified explanation on how the H1-B visa system works. We investigate a caller’s question about a potential virus involving a multimedia video player program.

Erik and Bob continue with your questions. A listener asks if an update popup to Adobe Reader is legtimate. We revisit the question of emptying your web browser’s “cache,” and a former SBC Global user details problems in changing her e-mail password. A listener has questions about removing multiple language keyboards from an Android device. We continue with caller comments on the H1-B visa debate. Cell phone questions: A caller wonders if he should buy the older Galaxy S6 cell phone at a lower price or newer Galaxy S7, and also if he should purchase a “locked” or “unlocked” phone. Will the OpenDNS security service work with different web browsers? The Federal Aviation Administration’s drone database faces a legal challenge. The Chrome web browser freezes after a user upgrades the operating system to the Windows 10 “Creator’s Update.”


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