Erik and Bob answer your questions. The hacker group “Turkish Crime Family” claims to have login credentials for 750 million iCloud devices… and they’re threatening to wipe devices if ransom is not paid.

Plus, private photos of more celebrities have leaked in “Fappening” redux.  And new billboard for Toyota car said to clean surrounding air.

Learn how to eliminate “Zeus” virus from a computer, how to use OpenDNS and Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware to increase online security, troubleshooting a “beeping” computer, and fixing problems when Windows 10 updates fail to install on a Toshiba laptop.

Should a long-time Mac user switch to Windows? We discuss the pros and cons of switching, and more.

Learn how to install touch screen software updates to fix cursor movement problems in HP computer. A Dell N6010 runs very slowly and makes a “cricket-like” noise… if this sound familiar, check for heat/fan malfunctioning issues on a computer.

And we discuss the Class action lawsuit filed over forced Windows 10 upgrade, as well as Tesla discontinuing its least expensive, shortest range model S60, while some farmers are forced to use “hacked” software to perform repairs on equipment due to licensing agreements, and the Senate votes to kill broadband privacy rules.

How many anti-virus programs are needed for your computer?  What are the best ways to transfer data from an old computer to a new one?  And why does Google Home get defensive when you ask it about the CIA? Find answers to these questions and more…


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