(CBS Connecticut) – Connecticut education leaders have written President Donald Trump, seeking clarification about his administration’s policies regarding the roundup of undocumented immigrants.

There is concern, particularly in school districts with a sizable Latino population, that federal immigration agents might come to schools, to round up undocumented students for deportation, said Joseph Cirasuolo, executive director of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents.

“There are parents who are worried that if they send their children to school– even if they’re documented … that federal agents might show up and take the children,” said Cirasuolo.

While many of those fears might be unfounded, Cirasuolo says President Trump can allay any concerns by issuing or modifying an executive order to state that schools are off-limits to immigration action.

There have been no reports of immigration roundups in Connecticut schools. So far, officials have not heard back from the White House about their request, which was sent earlier this month.


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