Erik and Bob answer your questions. Erik details the trials and tribulations of getting his TiVo Bolt repaired. Meanwhile, in the world of cars, Tesla software crashes, leaving angry customers. Canada increases rebates for pricey electric cars. And new car technology opens doors to CIA hacks.

How does a hard drive that mysteriously fills to capacity suddenly become only half full? Eric and Bob offer some theories and recommend programs to monitor your hard drive capacity.

Wikileaks data reveals how the government can spy on your information through technology. Find out if Apple devices are less susceptible to viruses.

Bob helps a caller save changes to photos marked “read only.”  Find out how to post photos and videos from a camcorder onto Facebook.



Erik and Bob continue with your questions. Wes Borg offers a lighthearted walk through computer history in song, and a listener sings praises for the recommended Firefox browser.

Find out if the Steam gaming platform is safe from security issues. Discover how to responsibly recycle your older technology, and if antivirus software slows down your computer.

Why does it take Windows 10 so long time to find your printer? Need to learn how to delete e-mail from multiple Mac devices? Is it possible to still get Windows XP Service Pack 3? Problems installing an OpenDNS? Eric and Bob have the answers!


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