Erik flies solo while taking your computer questions.

 There is evidence of a chaotic solar system found in rocks in Colorado. Apple investigates the case of an iPhone 7 Plus that blew up. Discover tips on how to find the best lithium batteries. Are you looking to cut the cable cord?  SlingTV offers low-cost options.

A listener wonders about a mysterious Google Account log out. Find out how to fix TurboTax issues and problems with Windows System Restore.  Discover how to properly back up in Windows 10. And Erik offers troubleshooting suggestions.

Part 2 of how to fix your TurboTax installation issues.  Also, find out what to do about a web protection filter that blocks too many items. Discover how to use OpenDNS as a replacement web filter. And figure out the issues of getting Adobe Flash Player to work with a Smart TV.

Erik explains the dangers of the “dark web,” and helps a caller whose movies mysteriously disappear. Discover how to recover those digital camera pictures that were accidentally deleted.  Virtual private networks are explained and how to pick the best services to protect your privacy. Thinking of going off the grid? Find out how to remove your personal information from online services. A caller offers his experiences with SlingTV.


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