(CBS Connecticut) — The former developers of Dunkin’ Donuts Park today filed an update to their lawsuit against the city of Hartford seeking damages of more than $90-million.

In the new court filing, developer Centerplan blames cost over-runs on the minor league baseball stadium on bad city management.

The developers write that the city never acted as if it was constrained by any budget concerns.

The company claims costs increased by 20 percent when the city required that unionized construction companies be used, and that Hartford residents be hired for the project.

The company claims the city and the Yard Goats added design changes that increased the amount of work needed.

Centerplan says the city issued last-minute changes to the ball park’s design that made it impossible to finish on time.

The developer says the city never had enough money allocated to pay for the work performed.

The FBI is investigating the ballpark, after city officials shared their concerns about Centerplan subcontractors who complained about not getting paid, even though the city had paid Centerplan.

Centerplan’s court filing claims that Hartford’s underlying plan to lure the former Rock Cats away from New Britain was a political maneuver by former Mayor Pedro Segarra, in an effort to build support before a primary challenge.

Segarra lost the primary to Luke Bronin.


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