MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) _ A Middletown man has been convicted of murder for killing his infant son by throwing the boy off a bridge.

A jury convicted 23-year-old Tony Moreno on Wednesday of killing 7-month-old Aaden in July 2015.
Police say Moreno threw Aaden off the 90-foot-high Arrigoni Bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland. Moreno then jumped himself, but survived after spending several days in the hospital. The baby’s body was found 14 miles downstream two days later.

The Middletown man testified in his own defense, saying he dropped the child and did not intend to harm him.

Prosecutors say Moreno had a strained relationship with the boy’s mother, and sent her a text message saying the baby was dead.

Moreno faces up to 70 years in prison at sentencing.

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  1. Laura Peters says:

    why taking it out on a baby when he shouldnt have him at all.uts so sad that he an angel because of his father figghting with his mother.she should never leave that baby with him.what was the mother thinking ,he was 7 months .he an angel for what because the father has no brains to leave him grown up and have a life of his own .

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