(CBS Connecticut) — The state’s emergency domestic violence shelters were already full, but now they are even more crowded.

The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence says the shelters were at 125 percent of their capacity for the last fiscal year.  That’s up eleven percentage points from the previous fiscal year.

CEO Karen Jarmoc says victims are staying longer, partly because there is less assistance in finding new housing.

Jarmoc says families are staying in rooms that used to be play areas for children at some shelters.

“It’s not that the problem of domestic  violence is necessarily getting worse, families and individual victims are much more aware of the risk factors associated with domestic violence. They are much more aware of how significant this public health issue is, so hopefully they also know that help is available,” Jarmoc said.

Jarmoc said her organization is as worried as any human services provider about that possibility of cuts in the next state budget.


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