By Bob Joyce

So, who had the Huskies 6-0 through six games ??  It’s been a rock solid start for Geno Auriemma’s Team as they’ve played teams with so many different styles and for the most part handled them well. Has it always been pretty ? That would be no… But there are all the signs that they are more than good enough to earn a 10th straight final for berth.

The week one wins at Florida State and home against Baylor showed that for what this team lacks in height and talent, they make up with grit and determination. The great thing about the Baylor win was every time the Bears rallied or even took a lead, UConn had an answer… Not to mention the emergence of freshman guard Crystal Dangerfield, who at this point is a much better developed talent than Moriah Jefferson was as a freshman. And we all know how good she turned out to be.

The sophomore duo of Katie Lou Samuelson and Naphessa Collier have been front and center from a scoring aspect. Both can become even more diverse than they are now. But what they’ve showed in season two so far is what you’d hope for. And if you watched the first Geno Auriemma Show on SNY, you know it’s a “Love-Hate” with Lou… But afterall, that’s why players come to UConn. To get pushed harder than ever both mentally and physically to be the best they can be…

Gabby Williams’ game has gone up a notch or two so far… So athletic and full of energy. She has adjusted the last three games to stay out of foul trouble and stay on the floor where she produces so much energy and the team feeds off it.  The win over DePaul showed that with a career high 10 assists… to be fair, she did have 6 turnovers as well. And Kia Nurse was a beneficiary of Williams and Samuelson’s assists against the Blue Demons with a career high 33..Finishing on the fast break..and made a career best 6- Three pointers in the win.

One area of interest to me has been Natalie Butler. The 6-5 center has made strides and continues to be a serviceable member of the Huskies. She’s had some good matchups for her in the early going and made progress. If she can give Geno Auriemma 15 minutes of solid play a night with 5 points and say 5 boards per game with some defense and keeping the turnovers down ? I think he’ll be happy with that.

Now for the DePaul game… I expected a much better performance out of the Blue Demons, but for a team that only hit two – three pointers in the first three quarters and a severe lack of defense early on, the Huskies did what they do to most ranked teams… make them look really, really bad. As UConn had season highs in fastbreak points and points off turnovers…

December has started well, but a young, talented Texas team comes to Mohegan Sun Sunday, followed by a trip to South Bend and #1 Notre Dame Wednesday loom. Geno would like to see this team perhaps get their clocked cleaned sooner than later… The question is, will the players allow it to happen…

Time will tell. See you on the radio Sunday at 3:30.


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