By Ray Dunaway

With the election ever closer, for many, tensions are running high, even to the point that a yard sign for the wrong candidate can result in vandalism.

So let’s relieve the stress if only for a moment.

Now this is fun. Here’s a story about a Brit who compiled a list of the worst songs ever after a tweet to his 1000 followers garnered 10’s of thousands of replies. You may disagree with some of the nominees, but either due to fatigue or pitiful musicianship, you’ll certainly agree with most.

Etta James had a hit with “I’d Rather Go Blind (than watch you walk away from me)”.

My version would be; “I’d Rather Go Deaf (than hear Imagine one more time….ever)”

Also down the list is Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.

Did you know there are two versions? Well, there are, though one has only recently been discovered and released.

Ok…one political link.

Just one.

No doubt you’re aware of the Trump University business.

Don’t bet on that “cute” David Muir working this into ABC’s World News Tonight.

After all, “America Strong” must air at the end of the “show”.  Priorities, ya’ know.


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