by Rob Joyce

It hasn’t been a great time for the NFL grammar police the last few weeks. In the Jaguars’ win over the Bears on Sunday, Jacksonville cornerback Prince Amukamara was forced to wear a jersey with his last name misspelled. This comes a week after the Vikings accidentally botched Everson Griffen’s jersey (using the more common, but wrong, “Griffin”).

It’s hardly the first time a player’s name has undergone a sudden transformation. Here are the most famous of those mishaps:

5) “West Virgina” Mountaineers:

Photo Credit: Dale Sparks/All-Pro Photography

Photo Credit: Dale Sparks/All-Pro Photography

The 2007 Mountaineers were your NIT champions, and like all champions do they received championship t-shirts immediately after the game. The only problem? The school name was missing a third “I”!

4) Troy “Tulowizki”:


The Rockies didn’t just mess up one jersey. In fact, the actual Troy Tulowitzki’s jersey in July 2014 was spelled correctly. However, for the first 15,000 fans who arrived at Coors Field expecting free Tulowitzki shirts, they instead received “Tulowizki” ones… his evil twin perhaps?

3) Wayne Gretkzy:

Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When you’re the greatest player of all-time in your respective sport, your name should be spelled properly no matter the degree of difficulty. Alas, when Gretzky played for the Rangers in 1997 he had to skate out on the ice with the “Z” and “K” swapped.

2) Ted Kluszewski:

Photo Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images

By the time the first baseman played for the White Sox in 1960 he had spent 14 seasons in the majors and been to four All-Star games. But it was also the first time a team had put names on the back of uniforms and, well, Kluszewski was a test dummy of sorts for the Chicago equipment folks. The two “S”-es are upside down, that second “K” looks an awful lot like an “X”, and not to mention the “Z” is straight up backwards. Lots going on here… none of it good.

1) “The Natinals”:


Two jerseys were misspelled in the same game, but for the Nationals it wasn’t the name on the back of the uniform – it was the one on the front. For one night in 2009 Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman were members of the Washington Natinals… without the “O”. Plenty of teams have had this mistake in the past – the Angels, Blue Jays, Giants and Twins, among others, have all had issues. But to do it twice on the same night? That’s worthy of topping our list.


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