HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Nearly four years after the Newtown School massacre, a new national study on gun violence reports that Connecticut is among the five safest states in the country.

The report released by The Center For American Progress alleges that firearms-related deaths were “significantly” lower in states that had passed laws to ban assault weapons and require trigger locks or the safe storage of guns.  It also highlighted the 18 states that have passed universal background check measures, and the 20 others that have passed laws keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy says the drop in violent crime in Connecticut is in part attributed to the tougher gun measures passed since the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Malloy says the area that needs more action now is stopping the flow of illegal guns into states. “In many cases where violence plays out in Connecticut, we discovered that the gun was purchased in a state that had loopholes that we don’t have in our own state,” he explained.

The Governor also stressed that Congress needs to pass legislation preventing those on terrorist watch lists from gaining access to guns.


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