President Obama will be on the road today campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He will speak at North Carolina A, T, and T State University on gun violence. But in light of the recent flooding that resulted from Matthew, there’s no doubt that there will be at least a passing reference to climate change, which has been linked to an increase in violence.

Think I’m kidding?

Which brings us to today’s topic; childhood’s end.

When I was in elementary school, our main worry was Communist Aggression, and the threat of nuclear war.

Duck and cover.

But that was a fear somewhat removed from our daily routine of being dumb kids. Most of our teachers were pretty much hands off when it came to this topic, letting our parents take care of whatever needed to be explained.

No longer, since the threat of Climate disaster is here now.

Today, it seems to be up to our schools and others to get the kids up to speed.

A reasonably carefree childhood?

That’s so 60’s.


Then there’s this.

Let’s have fun with our “Respect the Earth” flash cards. (“Don’t take your planet for granted!”) These include “Unplug chargers when not charging!” “Turn off the lights.” “Shop at farmer’s markets.” “Set the computer to power-saver mode.” “Don’t leave plastic on the beach!” and “Recycle bottles and paper.” So recycling is a twofer.

Gaia is saved!

I didn’t notice any reference to turning one’s parents in for thought crimes, but I’m sure that’s in the works.

After all, in the previous paragraph we learn that children are to “know the rules and follow them!”

Of course, one might ask who sets the rules. However, I’m afraid “question authority” has been tossed down the memory hole as well.

As has this classic video.