(CBS Connecticut) – With scattered frost in the forecast, garden experts say now’s the time to cover or bring indoors any tender vegetation. Len Giddix, co-host of WTIC’s Garden Talk program, says that includes begonias and tropical plants. He says if you’re covering your plants, avoid using plastic as it doesn’t provide good protection from the cold; use a blanket or horticultural cloth instead.

In the vegetable garden, Giddix says it’s time to harvest any remaining tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash and cover any lettuce. He says other vegetables, like Brussels sprouts, winter squash and cabbage can actually be enhanced by the frost.

He adds, now is the time to clean up your garden for next growing season by removing any old stalks, to guard against disease. “Cleanliness is next to godliness as far as the garden is concerned,” says Giddix.


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