On my way to Glastonbury Friday afternoon, the conversation on the radio turned from the Wikileaks dump earlier in the day to the release of an 11-year-old recording of a conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

No doubt you know the content of that exchange by now.

Yet another offensive in the Republican’s “War on Women”.

The Wikileaks release had some rather troubling content, including an excerpt found in a transcript of one of her “closed-door” speeches made before a group of bankers.

Obviously, “Ma” Clinton’s campaign had to find a “Look! Squirrel!” release to divert attention from what in a sane world might be seriously damaging to her prospects for winning the Presidency.

And so they did.

From the beginning of Trump’s run for the Republican nomination, some suspected that he was a plant by the Clinton cult to enhance the likelihood of the White House remaining in Democratic hands.

X-files stuff, right?

Maybe not.

Interesting, no?


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