By Ray Dunaway

Enough about clowns already!

After all, there is an election coming up a mere weeks, and in an effort to create more support amongst Millennials (who at best are rather lukewarm in their enthusiasm for Hillary!) the campaign has decided to bring in the heavy guns to pump up the volume.

Because obviously the insane cost of college, a lack of rewarding, reasonably paying jobs, and killer clowns pale in comparison to the catastrophe we all face as humanity, which could easily end all life on Earth by 2500, according to forecast models.

And 97 percent of leading scientists, most of whom specialize in women’s studies (or should that be womyn’s studies?), and micro-aggressions.

And lest we forget, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Naturally, this move has met with some ridicule.


@Wehback you know those kids, with their global warming sockhops and Joan Baez fan clubs. I read all about it in Doonesbury

Additionally, maybe it’s time to unleash the “Kerry Ploy”, which raised French national spirits to the heights of ecstasy:

vid Burge@iowahawkblog 11h11 hours ago

.@jpodhoretz those youngsters love global warming singalongs, especially with teen heartthrob James Taylor


Well, ridicule all you want, but hep-cats Hillary, Bernie and Elizabeth (average age 93) will have the last laugh.

Tragically, they really might.



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