By Ray Dunaway

Reports of “Killer Clowns” are all over the web lately. The stories tell of (mostly- if not exclusively) children who report being invited by mysterious Paglicaccis to join them in the woods, often offering cash. To this point there have been no confirmed reports of such events actually taking place, but it does make for a great story with which lead the 11 O’clock news.

And as you might expect, law enforcement is jumping into the story as well.

If you click on the links to the stories, you’ll learn that most, if not all, are fake. Arrests have been made but only for false reports.

It should be noted that infamous “Killer Clown” serial-killer John Wayne Gacy did often perform as a clown at various events, but never used his “Pogo the Clown” persona to entrap his victims.

And then there was Steven King’s “It”, where “It” did use the guise of a clown to lure young children to their demise.

So why the sudden rash of sightings? The New York Times has an idea.

Over the weekend, I re-read Michael Crichton’s novel “State of Fear” which towards the end outlines how mass hysteria over “climate change/catastrophe/global warming” can be developed by a consortium of political-types, media outlets, lawyers, and academics.

They’d best hurry since some of the true believers are losing their religion.





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