HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Hartford police say the number of vehicles stolen from out of town and found in the city is on track to top 425 in 2016. As of July 25, police had recovered 235 vehicles in Hartford, which were stolen elsewhere. That’s compared to 313 for all of 2015.

Police say the stolen vehicles are often later model years equipped with key fobs, which allow the vehicle to be started without a key if the fob is in close proximity to the vehicle.

Thieves often canvass suburban towns, looking for vehicles left unlocked with the key fobs inside, said police. Then, the vehicle can be started with the push of a button.

“Our victims have tended to be older, as this demographic has started cars with standard keys their entire lives,” said Deputy Chief Brian Foley in a press release. “With this new fob system, when they enter a car they have the key fob out as if it were a standard key but just put it down somewhere in the vehicle.”

With that in mind, police are urging vehicle owners to always lock their vehicles– and if the vehicle is equipped with a key fob, never leave it in the vehicle unattended.

Over the last four weeks in Hartford, police have recovered 99 stolen vehicles; 75 of them were stolen in another community.


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