The rent’s too damn high, and the weather’s too damn hot, so it’s a few links today.

George Satayana once observed “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”…or in the case of Rep. Keith Ellison to serve in Congress.

Uh, Rep. Ellison, Wallace was the democratic Governor of Alabama.


Then there’s this gem from SOS John Kerry. Forget ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re small potatoes. The real threat to humanity is Air Conditioning and your Sub-Zero.

Kerry claims that ISIS is on the way out, due in part, no doubt, to James Taylor’s performance in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, so maybe Sweet Baby James could enlist in the war on HFC’s.

The fate of humanity is in the balance.

As well as it should be, east judging from this story.

If you follow the link, it’s not that ridiculous a policy.


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