By Ray Dunaway

Phrases currently in use that are stupid and meaningless:

  • “Stand with” e.g. #standwithDallas. Unless you literally mean that you’ll actually stand with whomever you’re supporting, the phrase is utterly meaningless. For example, if you posted some nonsense on Facebook stating you “stood” with Nice, you’ve offered a meaningless sentiment (but hey! You could also link to James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend on YouTube”)  Where exactly do you plan to “stand” in solidarity? In line at Starbucks, maybe?  Your backyard, perhaps? I’m sure the attackers will avoid another attack for fear of angering so many courageous people, who will tweet devastating criticism. The again, Hashtags are stupid anyway, and have absolutely no effect. Remember #bringbackourgirls? That clearly shamed the thugs of Boko Haram to change their evil ways. Oh, guess not.
  • “Reach out”, or “Reaching Out”, as in “We’ve reached out to the Windsor Police for a response”. From what I can tell, the whole world is reaching out” these days. Checkout the results of this google search . Over 11 million nations and individuals are engaged in “reaching out”.

So how about a few “reaching out” tunes?

There’s this.


And this.

Sorry to be a downer today, but it’s hot and I’m grouchy.


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