(CBS Connecticut and AP) — After criticism from state lawmakers, several UConn administrators are giving up a portion of their recent pay increases.

State lawmakers objected, when it was reported that several of UConn President Susan Herbst’s high-ranking staffers got raises worth tens of thousands of dollars over the last several years.

The three administrators each saw their salaries increase to more than $250,000 annually.

At the same time the state’s finances have deteriorated to the point of large-scale layoffs.

The school says the give-backs include $40,000 from Richard Orr, the school’s general counsel, $45,000 from Rachel Rubin, Herbst’s chief of staff and $13,000 from Laura Cruickshank, the school’s chief architect and master planner.

University officials initially defended the pay increases, saying that the administrators made less money than their peers at other schools, and that the multi-year payouts were started before it was clear how bad the state’s finances are.

In a new letter to lawmakers, Herbst says she understands their concerns.  But she also says cutting back on the raises will make it more difficult to hire high-quality faculty in the future.

  1. nemesis822 says:

    Good. It’s ridiculous what these people do, sitting cushy with their raises and bonuses while students drown in debt, juggling working and pursuing higher education. It’s the least they could do.

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