(CBS Connecticut) — On Wednesday, UConn Trustees are expected to vote to revoke Bill Cosby’s honorary doctor of fine arts.

School officials were troubled by dozens of sexual assault allegations made against the entertainer, by women who said he tried to drug them.

While being questioned in a civil lawsuit, Cosby also admitted under oath that he bought Quaaludes intending to give them to women.

In a university recording of the 1996 UConn commencement ceremony, Cosby tells an anecdote about the death of his mother.

“She had save up $70,000 because she wanted me to have something to fall back on. Had she been alive, I would have said mom, it’s going to be a hell of a fall,” Cosby told the laughing audience.

In the humorous 1996 speech, Cosby also touches personal responsibility, and urges students to write letters to professors in whose classes they failed to give their best effort.

UConn has never revoked an honorary degree before.

Other colleges have already revoked honorary degrees granted to Cosby.


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