For 33 years, kids attending Southington’s Urban T. Kelley elementary school celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an ice cream social.
But no longer.

Ice Cream is largely dairy fat and sugar and that is now a forbidden pleasure.  Because……. childhood obesity, don’t you know?  And eating ice cream is enjoyable to boot…… and we just can’t have that.  And ice cream is a “gateway nutrient” which can lead to calorically denser, more fatty foods.

Once a child associates eating with pleasure… well, the downhill slide begins, ending up with 8 year olds hanging out in front of McDonalds, begging passersby for spare change so they can get a “fry fix”. Not a pleasant thought.

And then there’s sugar. (Should I have provided a “trigger warning”?)  Sucrose, Fructose, and all the other “-toses” are deadly as well and something must be done.  And so in the U.K., steps are being taken to make scoring that sugar fix more expensive,thereby cutting consumption, while raising more tax monies.  Mostly, the latter, no doubt.

And of course a significant number of states and cities in the U.S. are kicking the issue around as well.  Sugar.  Fat.  Perhaps carbohydrates.  Hey we need the dues!  Within the next several days, I will offer my solution to this looming crisis.  Stay tuned.

And go, Huskies!


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