By Ray Dunaway

It’s tough being a politician, especially in the age of Twitter. Have a photo taken can lead to ridicule, and may even cost votes. Michael Dukakis was hurt badly when a photo was circulated showing him aboard an Abrams tank, with his head adorned by a helmet.
What was intended to show his familiarity with things “manly” ended up causing him to look silly.
So rule one: No hats.
A photo of John Kerry eating a Philly Steak in 2004 made the rounds, and did some damage to his campaign.
I’m willing to bet more people made their decision on how to vote that year based on those photos than Kerry’s ideas on foreign policy.
But he’s not the only one to endure “trial by food”.
Which brings us to rule 2:  No food.
Which brings us to yet another pitfall while running for office.
Video is everywhere.
And within hours, ridicule was pandemic.
So the final rule:  What you say before a friendly crowd, will not exclusively fall on friendly eyes and ears.
Ask Mitt Romney.


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