by Rob Joyce

Monmouth basketball is making waves on the hardwood, with wins over UCLA, Notre Dame, USC and Georgetown amongst their 8-3 record. While the Hawks are garnering attention for their on-court play, what they are gaining national fame for is their bench. The Hawks have taken Twitter by storm thanks to their creative and absurd celebrations during the game. What started as an amusing sideshow has grown into national television appearances and adoring fans nationwide.

Here are some of their most entertaining celebrations.

Staying in the news: The most recent of the celebrations, the force was with the bench following the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, Christmas is this week, and they celebrated appropriately.

Getting sophisticated: They are called “student-athletes” for a reason. They showed the cultural side of things with a near-perfect reenactment of Michelangelo’s famous “Creation of Adam”.

Human scissors: One of the original celebrations, the Hawks turned one of their teammates into an office supply with what is being dubbed “human scissors”.

So good it’s deadly: Their celebrations aren’t just amusing… they are also apparently life-saving.

Slamming it down: They may be bench players, but the Hawks can hoop it up, as proven by their rim-rocking dunking skills.

Some people aren’t fans of the bench, saying they take away from the actual on-court success. While their 8-3 record is impressive and plenty worthy of praise, it’s not hurting the product to enjoy what are college kids clearly having fun with the game.


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