(HEBRON,Conn./CBS Connecticut)   –    State  Police are looking for two suspects in the overnight armed robbery at the Xtra Mart on Main Street in Hebron.About 1:20  a man  pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. He was given  some money and he fled the store.

Surveillance video  determined there was a second male suspect   acting as a lookout.

One suspect is Hispanic, 5 ‘2″  and was wearing black jacket,black pants, black gloves and black hat.He also wore a black  baseball cap  with what appeared to be a  Chicago Bulls logo  and a dark colored scarf around his face.

The second suspect was shorter and wore  a black jacket with green sleeves  with an emblem  on the left side of the chest, possibly a Boston Celtics logo.He also wore black pants, black sneakers with white soles.

Anyone with information about the robbery and suspects is asked to call Sergeant Gabianell at  860-625-5787 or text  “TIP 711” with the information to 236748.


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