By Ray Dunaway

I’m back!
A few interesting items from the world of politics- especially one provide by Elizabeth Esty. Who represents the 5th District.
Visiting with her constituents over the weekend she was surprised by the number of voters, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who wanted to talk about “The Donald”, and confessed that were the election to be held today, they would seriously consider voting for him.
Her impression?
This guy’s for real.
At least for now.
Quick! Who else is vying for the Republican nomination?
I can barely remember.
This is going to be entertaining at the very least.
In the film Network, anchorman Howard Beale expressed the anger that so many people in the 70’s were feeling.
“I’m mad as hell…..And I’m not going to take it anymore!”
Beale confessed that he didn’t know exactly what was to be done, but he said the first step was to get angry.
Then we’d figure out what to do.
And so it goes with Trump.


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