WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) _ A Connecticut gynecologist was fined for mistakenly performing a hysterectomy on a patient he didn’t know was pregnant.

Dr. Jonathan Foster, of Waterbury, was ordered to pay $5,000 Tuesday by the state Medical Examining Board.

Foster performed a laparoscopic hysterectomy, a procedure that removes the uterus, on the woman at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury in January 2011.

A consent order Foster signed in July says he failed to detect the patient’s pregnancy before the operation.

The order says he relied on the patient’s belief that she wasn’t pregnant. While he did perform a urine pregnancy test, the order says the result couldn’t be determined either way.

Foster didn’t contest the board’s findings and waived his right to a hearing, which means he accepted the terms to keep his license.

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  1. Say what? How can this be? Aren’t all women undergoing a hysterectomy supposed to have either a urine or serum pregnancy test within 72 hours of the surgery? And where’s the anesthesiologist in all this? The anesthesiologists also order pregnancy tests before they administer anesthesia on women of childbearing age who haven’t had their tubes tied (ligated) (and the tubes have to be tied for at least one year or more).

    I need more facts, more details … this simply seems unbelievable.

    And the “order says the result couldn’t be determined either way” … WHAT?! That’s when a QUANTITATIVE blood test comes into play.

    This is just too weird. Still missing lots of facts in the story.

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