By Ray Dunaway

The late, great, Casey Stengall in his first year manager of the Mets once asked of the team, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”
When it comes to politics by twitter, maybe not.
Yesterday, the EPA announced that it will be taking steps to reduce “deadly” CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by those death machines known as commercial jets.
Whatever those measures the minions of the noted misanthrope Gina McCarthy turn out to be, no doubt our flights to visit grandma will end up costing more.
No mention as to whether corporate or government jets (Air Force One?) will be affected.
But if they are, certainly Leonardo Dicaprio and Climate Guru Al Gore will be more than happy to pony up.
The news so excited the “pajama boys” at Think Progress (who never leave Northeast Corridor-ever) that they immediately took to twitter to share the glad tidings.

✔ @thinkprogress
EPA: Greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes are dangerous to human life
4:02 PM – 10 Jun 2015

The time stamp shows that the message was posted at 4:02 yesterday.
Apparently, the DNC has chosen not to follow the group, because at the same time- the exact same time, in fact, the group tweeted news of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The Democrats
✔ @TheDemocrats
We’ll fly you and a friend to Beverly Hills to meet the President. Enter today:
4:02 PM – 10 Jun 2015



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