A quick survey of the internet this morning.
Did you study Classical Mythology in college?
You’re lucky you escaped without sustaining PTSD.
Ovid is obviously out.
But is Toni Morrison ok or not?
Not sure.
But the Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board is just one part of a larger problem.
The thought police are firmly in charge of the nation’s college campuses.
Walter Olsen, creator of Overlawyered.com was a guest on Wednesday’s show, to discuss the latest abuses of asset forfeiture, in this case, by the DEA.
So it would seem money is the root of all evil.
Fact is, seized assets are used by various local and federal governments to fund all sorts of swell programs, such as airport security.
And urban problems.
Not to mention “free” cellphones.
Oops! Forget that phone thing. It makes the President mad.
Finally, something to look forward to.