(HEBRON,Conn./CBS Connecticut)  –  The family of   RHAM Middle School teacher Dawn Mallory, who died two weeks after she was struck by a vehicle in the school parking lot in March 2014  has   reached a 1.1 million dollar  settlement with the driver, Elizabeth Everett of Hebron.The amount is the maximum amount of   insurance coverage available for  Everett.

Mallory,who was 65 , was struck when Everett  backed up  after  driving into a buses only lane.Everett was charged with  Misconduct with a Motor Vehicle, a felony.

Attorney Joseph Barnes, who  represents  Mallory’s estate  said they will continue their investigation of other sources of recovery regarding  the parking lot design and supervision of traffic that morning.Barnes added,the family will await  the finalization of the  criminal case against Everett before deciding  if there is further recourse.


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