(CBS Connecticut) — A settlement in principle has been reached  and approved by state employee unions, on complaints filed after then-governor John Rowland laid off more than 2,000 state employees.

The courts later ruled the 2003 firings were illegal.

Attorney David Golub said the union has agreed to the settlement.

State Attorney General George Jepsen said the total value of the settlement was more than $100-million.

The state will make a 45-million dollar cash payment over the next four years.  Much of the settlement will come in the form of vacation days for state workers who held their jobs in 2003.

On the state’s side, the General Assembly would have the authority to block the deal, if it chose to do so.  The settlement goes into effect, if one or both houses of the General Assembly take no action on it.

The unions argued that Rowland improperly fired state employees, because he failed to negotiate in good faith.

The unions claimed Rowland laid off the workers because the unions had backed Rowland’s opponent in the previous election.


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