(CBS Connecticut) –– The NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship bracket sets up a potential matchup between the UConn Women and one of two former Big East rivals for the second round of the Albany Regional.

In the first round, Saturday night,  the Huskies will play Saint Francis of Brooklyn in the 9:00 p.m. game.  The winner of that game goes on to the second round  next Monday,  March 23,  against either Rutgers or Seton Hall.  Rutgers, now in the Big 10 is seeded eighth;  Seton Hall is seeded ninth.

The other teams in the Albany Region are Kentucky, seeded #2,  who will face 15-seed Tennessee State.  Number 3 Louisville plays 14th seeded BYU;  fourth seed California plays 13th seed Wichita State.

Fifth seed Texas will play twelfth seed Western Kentucky in the first round in Albany;  sixth seed USF will play eleventh seed LSU, while seventh seed Dayton takes on number ten Iowa State.

Notre Dame is the top seed in the Oklahoma City region,  with Baylor #2  Iowa #3 and Stanford #4.  The Cardinal is only team to have defeated the Huskies this season.

South Carolina, followed by Florida State, Arizona State and North Carolina are the top seeds in the Greensboro region.

In Spokane,  Maryland is the top seed,  followed by Tennessee,  Oregon State and Duke.

Stay with WTIC for all the UConn women’s tournament action.



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