(CBS Connecticut) — As his sentencing approaches, former governor John Rowland continues his effort to win a new trial.

In new court filings, the former governor argues that two of his alleged conspirators were pressured by prosecutors with a singular focus on Rowland.

One of those alleged conspirators, Brian Foley, testified for the prosecution at trial. The other was Foley’s wife, former Congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley.

The Foleys and the governor were all convicted of conspiring to get around campaign finance disclosure laws, by secretly paying Rowland through Brian Foley’s nursing home chain, for Rowland’s work on the congressional campaign.

In a separate filing, Rowland is also asking a judge to reconsider her rejection of his previous request for a new trial.

In both filings, the former governor argues that the prosecution failed to turn over evidence that would have helped show that he is not guilty.

Rowland’s sentencing is scheduled for March 18.


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