EXETER, N.H (CBS Connecticut) — A 15-year-old student at Exeter High School is facing charges of distribution of child sexual abuse images after being accused of selling graphic, explicit photos of female classmates, WMUR reports.

An investigation that began Oct. 30 is looking into the accusations being made against the teenage boy, police say.

Police seized the teenager’s iPad, and with the help of New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force were able to get an arrest warrant for the teen.

After turning himself in, he was later released to his parents.

School officials have not commented on whether the teen is still in school.

At the moment, it is unclear how many students were involved in the incident.

“The concern really stemmed from something that happened in October, and I think we followed it as a school with all the protocols back then,” said Superintendent Michael Morgan.”It still concerns me that something like this had to happen, and it’s a matter of dealing with the police right now.”

Social media and pictures like this seem to be a growing concern for both parents and schools.

“Social media is scary nowadays,” said Kristen McGinley, an Exeter High School parent. “I mean, we didn’t have to deal with that growing up in our age, but it’s sad. It’s a big problem.”

Superintendent Morgan also voiced his concerns.

“I think the concern really for me is how this is really not an Exeter problem,” he stated. “It is to me a regional problem, a nationwide problem about anything with social media that doesn’t go unchecked. I get worried that parents and the community members need to be more involved with the permanency of social media situations.”

According to police, the teen boy will appear in Exeter Juvenile Court.



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