(CBS Connecticut) — The state claims commissioner today found that a man should be paid $6-million, because he was wrongly jailed for more than 2-decades, in a Wallingford murder case.

Kenneth Ireland’s attorney Bill Bloss says part of the payment is intended to make up for loss of liberty and enjoyment of life.

“To try to compensate in terms of dollars for the fact that he lived in an eight foot cell for 21-years, and was told where to go, when to go, what to do,” Bloss said. “Is it a perfect equivalent? Of course not.”

In a decision, the state claims commissioner writes that Ireland experienced 21-years of violence, sleepless nights, and the constant fear and hopelessness that he would die in prison as an innocent man.

Ireland was freed after a group called the Innocence Project reviewed his case.

DNA tests showed that another man committed the 1986 Wallingford murder of Barbara Pelkey.


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