By Ray Dunaway

So I’m in the newsroom, working on Monday’s show, and on one of the TV monitors, CTN is rebroadcasting Thursday’s briefing by state officials on (what else?) Ebola preparedness.  And, as is the case at many previous briefings, the remarks are being translated into sign language, which is a good thing, in case someone can’t figure out how to turn on the closed captioning on their TV set.

Seriously, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to turn it on seeing that it hides amongst the thousands of options on the sets operating menu, so it’s best to have someone signing, just in case.

But there’s something I’ve wondered about for some time.

If the speaker, say Governor Malloy, were to start signing, would the translator begin talking?

But it seems that the State has a plan.

And that’s comforting.

The plan is based upon recommendations from the CDC.

And that’s…….well

We’ll leave it at that.

This morning we learned that one of the nurses involved in the treatment of patient Zero, Thomas Duncan, is currently on a cruise ship sailing the Caribbean. While she never came into direct contact with the victim, she did handle fluid samples obtained during testing and treatment. To her credit, she has self-sequestered, even though she is showing no symptoms.

And the ship’s doctor has declared her to be just fine, so that’s a good thing, as well

With luck, she’ll be enjoying the midnight chocolate buffet in no time.

We can only hope.

Finally, yesterday the President admitted that he’s considering appointing an “Ebola Czar”

Must I repeat this again?


According to Dr. Mike Gray, who guested with Jimmy V. this morning, she’s very good.

But does anyone in the Government know?

Probably not.